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What is Receptio?

Green Cabbage Group Purchasing Arm “Receptio” was created for all clients to simplify purchasing activities while securing the best pricing and terms. Receptio is a GPA (group purchasing arm) designed to help our clients leverage the collective buying power of their member organizations. 

How It Works? 

Receptio is a GPA (group purchasing arm) that leverages the collective buying power of their member organizations to negotiate favorable contracts with suppliers.

In simple terms, a Group Purchasing Arm or GPA, serves as a platform that enables businesses of all sizes to become part of a consortium of fellow buyers who share a common interest in specific products and services. Any business, irrespective of its scale, can harness the power of collective purchasing to access pre-arranged agreements with some of the country's foremost suppliers and retailers, resulting in substantial cost and time savings!

Collaborating with a group procurement association opens doors for procurement leaders to incorporate procurement solutions that enhance their existing strategies, amplify cost-efficiency, and optimize overall spending management.

Top Supplier Relationships

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Why Receptio?

Receptio leverages the collective buying power of our members  as well as providing our members with access to a wide range of procurement resources and services. There are no restrictions on ownership & size of entity including portfolio companies and franchises.

Receptio will provide a multitude of benefits for businesses of all sizes, helping them gain substantial savings while streamlining their procurement processes. The primary objective is to help member organizations save money on a wide range of products and services, ultimately improving their bottom line.

Receptio maintains an extensive networks of suppliers across telecom. This diverse pool of vendors ensures that your organization can access a wide range of high-quality products and services, at exclusive rates that may not be available to non-Receptio members.

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