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Guaranteed Spend Reduction 

Through Industry Leading Market Intelligence & Data Driven Insights

Who We Are

Green Cabbage is the global leader in spend analytics and the only cost reduction company that offers a subscription-based model with a savings guarantee.

A subscription to the Green Cabbage One Workspace includes access to three platforms: PAAS360, RUBIX, and Invari, which encompass spend management for indirect technology, contingent workforce, and recurring charges.

What our clients get out of these applications are benchmarks, negotiation strategy, best negotiated terms and conditions, spend categorization, and a dedicated customer success manager.

These items, along with our data, network, and expertise allow us to bring our clients an average of 15-30% in hard dollar savings across these categories, and optimal contract language to proctect & optimize their investments.

Indirect Technology
Contingent Workforce
Invoice Management

Cost Reduction Spend Cubes