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Save, Innovate, & Grow.

Green Cabbage Platform
Green Cabbage Platform

Indirectly Serving 1000+ Clients Across the Globe Accelerating Optimal Outcomes

The App

Guaranteed spend reduction starts with OneWorkspace

Accelerate your procurement efforts with the most proactive spend analytics platform that will GUARANTEE savings for your organization

Turn savings opportunities into recognized hard dollar savings with OneWorkspace

OneWorkspace holds the ONLY client facing spend reduction applications on the globe. Green Cabbage OneWorkspace is a concentrated approach to spend reduction by focusing efforts on categories that yield the highest cost reduction outcomes, Indirect Technology & Contingent Workforce. By centralizing cost reduction efforts in one targeted analytics experience, users are able to accelerate the procurement process and secure optimal outcomes, leading to 15-30% and optimal contract language on every OneWorkspace based project. 

Indirect Technology Spend Analytics: MITs, negotiation & data categorization for software, hardware, telecommunications & mobility, cyber security insurance, third party support, & physical security.

Green Cabbage Platform
Green Cabbage Platform

Invoice management to ensure billing consistency amongst providers managed through each supported spend cube. Automated invoice processing & variance reporting to ensure your organization is being billed to appropriated contracted rates.

Contingent Workforce Spend Analytics: MITs, negotiation, data categorization, & staffing relationship management for consulting, managed services, and contingent labor.

Green Cabbage Platform
The Complete Subscription Components 
All Application

Access to OneWorkspace Indirect Technology, Human Capital, & Invari, the ultimate cost reduction applications


Guidance, coaching, and support, or direct negotiations on you behalf, as you negotiate a deals

Procurement Success Manager

Dedicated resource to accelerate your savings outcomes


Logical data provided in templatized formats to support your counteroffer


Data interpretation to categorize, consolidate and optimize the way technology spend is allocated

Mutual Close

Step-by-step supplier-client cadence to finalize agreements


Unlimited Comprehensive Market Intelligence Theses with 48- hour turnaround


Expert guidance, helping to provide best practices in multiple options

Market intelligence that will guarantee you optimal outcomes.
Tangible impact to your bottom line.
For every dollar invested, you receive three in return. 

By leveraging our advanced platform OneWorkspace, extensive network of industry professionals, and unparalleled expertise, we guarantee that you'll achieve hard dollar savings of at least 3x on your investment with us. Our team of experts will work as an extension of your team and utilize the OneWorkspace application to identify areas of cost reduction, streamline your processes, and optimize your vendor relationships. Plus, our network of industry professionals will provide you with valuable insights and strategic guidance to help you stay ahead of the curve. Invest in complete subscription, and you'll see a tangible impact on your bottom line. Join us today and start maximizing your savings potential.

Green Cabbage Platform
Green Cabbage Platform
A good contract is not just about the price, but also about the terms and conditions that come with it.

We utilize real-time market intelligence to ensure that we secure optimal contracts with our suppliers, not just optimal pricing. We understand that a good contract is not just about the price, but also about the terms and conditions that come with it. By comparing our current contract terms and conditions to the best-negotiated terms from a supplier-specific point of view, we can identify areas where we can improve our contracts to ensure that we are getting the best possible deal. This approach allows us to optimize our contracts in terms of pricing, but also in terms of other important factors such as delivery times, quality standards, and service level agreements. Our goal is to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, while also securing contracts that meet our business needs and provide us with the greatest possible value.

Terms & Conditions Review


"PAAS360 enhances our negotiation and technology spend management capabilities, which will ultimately benefit our customers in terms of in-stock conditions, quality, and value”

 Chief Information Officer

- Greg Zeh

"We are always looking for ways to do things more efficiently and with maximum outcome. Green Cabbage has given us the ability to even the playing field when we are negotiating with suppliers, delivering savings of over $150,000 in the first 30 days and saving my team months of negotiations to get there"

 Chief Information Officer

- Damon Venger

Through leveraging Green Cabbage Parexel was able to save $2M+ on one agreement & continues to address indirect technology spend with Green Cabbage.

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