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Green Cabbage announces Gary Scalise as President and Chief Revenue Officer

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Green Cabbage LLC. The global leader in spend analytics and market intelligence announced Gary Scalise as the company's new President and Chief Revenue Officer today, effective October 12th, 2022.

Scalise most recently served for 10 years as a Managing Director & National Sales Leader for KPMG Financial Services, one of the world's leading professional services firms and the fastest-growing Big Four accounting firm in the United States.

Green Cabbage announces Gary Scalise as the company's new President and Chief Revenue Officer.

With 25+ years of experience, including senior leadership roles at both EMC/Dell and KPMG, he has a proven track record of driving growth and expanding go-to-market capabilities. In this critical new role at Green Cabbage, Scalise will oversee our end-to-end customer journey and strategically expand and strengthen our customer relationships as our business continues to grow.

Mr. Scalise stated, "I am incredibly excited to join Green Cabbage as a member of their exceptional leadership team. I am extremely confident in the company's ability to see immediate sustained returns from a well-integrated and executed revenue growth strategy. Much of that confidence comes from the simple fact that they have created an incredible set of solutions that their customers believe in. They have a relentless approach to delivering real-world results to their clients and continue to expand, improve, and reimagine how to make the platform better".

Green Cabbage is thrilled to add expertise like Mr. Scalise to the executive team to continue to enhance our offerings and value that is delivered with each and every interaction.

About Green Cabbage

Green Cabbage employs a proactive procurement model powered by spend analytics & leading market intelligence to achieve hard dollar savings that can be utilized by your organization to implement innovative solutions and increase gross revenue.

The Green Cabbage Workspace comprises one centralized platform with 3 spend reduction applications. The applications are segmented by category & function to promote a cohesive & organized view that can be provisioned appropriately within your organization. The applications include PAAS360 by PAAS, RUBIX by Rebalance HCA, and Invari. This workspace has proven its excellence amongst hundreds of clients in all industries across the globe to deliver EBITDA back to their organizations that can be reinvested into the growth & innovation of their company.

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