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Leadership Point of View from Green Cabbage President, Gary Scalise

How did you find your way into the spend analytics industry?

I was interested in helping clients identify areas where they could improve strategic sourcing, provide better visibility on their spending, streamline the procurement process, and ultimately reduce costs.

Why did you choose Green Cabbage as the next step in your career?

Prior to coming to Green Cabbage, I spent 20 years of my career in technology sales and then 10+ years in consulting at a Big 4 firm where I built and managed sales teams. Green Cabbage focuses on helping clients save on indirect technology and contingent workforce so based on my background it was a perfect fit.

How would you describe your leadership style and philosophy?

I would describe my leadership style as direct, results oriented, leading by example, and collaborative. I make every effort to empower my team members and colleagues to participate in the decisions that we make at the organization.

How are you ensuring that the Sales team is successful?

By making sure that we provide them with an environment, process, methodologies, guidance, and resources for them to thrive and grow.

What is it about Green Cabbage that makes you feel proud to be here?

The immediate impact that we have on our clients. We have negotiated over $150 billion in contracts to date because we have market intelligence, negotiation strategies and an executive network that cannot be matched by our competitors.

What would you say to someone who is interested in a career at Green Cabbage, but is on the fence about joining?

Ultimately, we are a disruptor in the industry that champions change in organizations. Those who want to embrace an organization that is hard working, fun, highly collaborative, and creative, with cutting-edge technology should join us.

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