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Rebalance Your Contingent Workforce Spend

Saving companies an average of 22-30% on workforce spend and rebalancing spend to the current market conditions.

Data-Driven Decisions to Save on Resources

RUBIX utilizes a True Cost Analysis for all contingent workforce spend. This technique provides a proactive & analytical approach to reducing human capital spend. 

To ensure optimal placement pricing, we conduct cross-vendor comparisons to identify best rates. 

RUBIX: Our Proprietary Benchmarking Platform 

To provide proactive pricing on workforce spend, we leverage our human capital spend analytics platform.  RUBIX benchmarks rates for contingent labor workforce within C-Level, HR, IT, Finance, Marketing, Operations, & Procurement.  Optimal Rates are found on hundreds of parameters including onshore & offshore, employment type, geographical data, and other variables. 

Through our workforce benchmarking platform, RUBIX™, we are able to create immediate spend reduction initiatives that address contingent workforce costs across all job positions and all industries.


Human capital continues to be one of the largest investments on the balance sheet and is directly correlated with profitability. As costs continue to rise, now more than ever it is essential to assess and optimize your human capital spend. RUBIX is Rebalance HCA's benchmarking platform that serves to immediately address areas of overspending on human capital.


In 5 days or less, RUBIX™ will intake your entire contingent workforce dataset and will benchmark each rate per employee based on geography, experience, skillset, arrangement (onshore, offshore, remote, onsite, hybrid), & staffing agency.

The Modules


View month over month spend per staffing agency, job title, department, and location with rate drill down functionality. The workforce module allows you to store all of your workforce SOWs and view each associated employee. 

Project Management

Request, manage, and store all of your human capital benchmarks and negotiations in one centralized location. The project management module allows you to track the status of your savings projects in real time.

Staffing Relationships

Gain visibility into rate flexibility, workforce distribution, and monthly spend for each of your staffing agencies. The Staffing relationships module provides custom reporting & analytics on each of your utilized staffing agencies accompanied by robust trend analysis. 

How To Get Started With Rebalancing Contingent Workforce Spend
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How To Get Started With Rebalancing Contingent Workforce Spend

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