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The Green Cabbage Advantage

At Green Cabbage, we understand that benchmarking can be a complicated and time-consuming process. That’s why we have developed our own unique platform, OneWorkspace that streamlines the benchmarking process and simplifies the delivery of results in 48-72 hours.


Our MITs and value-added services are backed by the hard dollar saving we guarantee to each of our clients. Our process & platforms are built to deliver the most optimal outcomes at hyper-accelerated rates. Not only will you be able to secure optimal pricing, but you will be provided with insight into the most optimal terms & conditions to protect your investments.  



Green Cabbage's exclusive "OneWorkspace" platform ensures the utmost protection for our clients' data, mitigating the risk of data privacy breaches, data leakage, and confidentiality violations. Unlike our competitors, who rely on unsecure methods such as email or dropbox, we prioritize client data security.

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Market Intelligence Thesis (MIT)

Rapid and Micro SKU-Level MITs: Green Cabbage provides in-depth benchmarking within 48-72 hours, showcasing our best pricing and terms. We stand out by offering MICRO SKU-level Market Intelligence Theses, enabling clients to uncover significant savings by dissecting bundled pricing.

We use deidentified data with zero traces of client information or sensitive details. This sets us apart from competitors who may use previous client data stored in emails or files on their servers, which is highly unsafe.



Green Cabbage is the only firm that will provide real-time market intelligence benchmarks and the ability to go directly to suppliers and negotiate desired rates. 

Our team of experts has immense knowledge and have written licensing models at some of the largest suppliers. We are the only firm that will negotiate directly with the supplier. Our team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of success in helping our clients get the best agreement possible. 


Industry Expertise: Our team boasts over 750+ years of collective experience in executive, sales, pricing, and packaging positions at major technology suppliers. As licensing experts, we possess unparalleled knowledge of the intricacies and potential pitfalls of agreements.


Years of combined licensing expertise

Executive Network

Senior Executive/C-Suite Negotiations: Green Cabbage stands alone in our ability to negotiate directly with suppliers at the Senior Executive/C-Suite level, consistently achieving an additional 5-10% off their best and final offers. Top executives at Oracle, Workday, SAP, IBM, and Microsoft have confirmed they've never worked with our competitors in this capacity.

Executive-level connections at
the most common suppliers in Indirect Technology


Our unique business model guarantees a minimum of 3x hard dollar savings for every dollar spent on our services – not cost avoidance. Competitors may suggest savings targets, but only Green Cabbage provides a concrete guarantee.

Terms & Conditions
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GC Legal

Legal Agreement Reviews: Green Cabbage includes professional legal agreement reviews, conducted by actual lawyers, as part of our transactions. We provide best-in-class terms at no additional cost.

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Green Cabbage is the only firm that will guarantee hard dollar savings in some of the largest categories on the balance sheet. Our comprehensive services, from strategic data interpretation to real-time market intelligence thesis, are designed to deliver maximum value to our clients.

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