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Everything is Negotiable.

1000+ companies in all industries across the globe use Green Cabbage to accelerate the procurement lifecycle by 80% by using industry-leading market intelligence and leveraging expertise to negotiate with suppliers, resulting in guaranteed hard dollar savings. Green Cabbage uses a concentrated approach to focus on the largest categories with opportunities for cost reduction, indirect technology & contingent workforce.

The Only Spend Analytics Firm to Leverage 

Real-Time Market Intelligence

Explore Our Subscription

At Green Cabbage, our mission is to help businesses maximize their savings. We provide a comprehensive subscription for our customers to create hard dollar savings. Our subscription includes unlimited access to our platform, MIT services, negotiation services, spend analytics, resources, expertise and more.


We understand that each business has a unique set of needs, so our team of experts develop custom strategies tailored to your business. We are committed to helping our customers maximize their savings and reach their desired goals.

Guaranteed Savings - Green Cabbage

Client Success 


Green Cabbage has become the go-to partner for one of the world's leading Biotechnology giants, ensuring they secure optimal agreements that drive unparalleled success. With an impressive track record, Green Cabbage has successfully completed over 224 MITs, resulting in staggering savings of $18.86M+. On average, each project has delivered savings of $80,000, showcasing our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional value to our esteemed clients.

Private Equity

Teaming up with a global PE powerhouse, Green Cabbage expertly maneuvers through the complexities of private equity transactions, crafting agreements that redefine success. With 26 MITs under our belt, we've delivered savings surpassing $1.552 million. Each project averages $60,000 in savings, showcasing our unwavering dedication to value. This translates to an impressive ROI of over 15 for our esteemed partner, highlighting the transformative impact of our collaboration.


Green Cabbage's track record with a leading consulting firm is exemplary: 58+ MITs completed, delivering $14.44M+ in savings, averaging $249K per project. Our impressive ROI of over 28 demonstrates the trust and success of our esteemed partners. Chosen by top consulting firms, we accelerate outcomes and deliver transformative impact through expertise and dedication, elevating both our clients and their customers.
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