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Offerings & Services

At its core, Green Cabbage identifies indirect technology and contingent workforce savings and optimization through the Market Intelligence Thesis (MIT) it offers to its customers. This is followed by actionable recommendations aimed at ultimately securing 'a better deal'.


We cover spend categorization, procurement strategy, negotiation strategy, counteroffers, guidance on RFP crafting or response, counteroffers, mutual close plans, and more.


We negotiate with you or on your behalf, and we coach you on the deals.


We also provide a la carte adjacent services:

GC Legal Intelligence Services

We provide expert legal support and guidance to optimize technology contracts, mitigate risks and empower informed decision-making. Our attorneys specialize in technology contracts, bringing deep understanding of industry best practices, complex legal clauses, and effective negotiation strategies.

GC Training & Education Services

We offer standard and custom training programs to educate and empower Procurement teams to become better at identifying and finding the “best deal” by themselves.

GC M&A / Due Diligence Services

Our experts meticulously analyze contracts within your data room, uncovering potential cost savings, efficiency gains, and optimization resulting from agreement consolidations of merging entities.

GC CIO Consulting Services

We can mobilize our extended team of proven former CIOs who can offer ad-hoc short-term or longer-term expertise in technology procurement and strategic technology management.

GC Private Equity (PE) Preferred Supplier Services

We help identify portfolio-wide savings and advantageous terms, and we assist the portfolio companies to actually realize those savings.

GC People

Procurement as a Service. We can augment your capabilities with seasoned professionals, in a cost-effective and agile way.

GC Divestiture of Entities Services

Our corollary to our M&A Services, We help rationalize and consolidate agreements, licensing and terms after divestitures.

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