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Green Cabbage Platform
Green Cabbage Platform
The App

OneWorkspace is Green Cabbage’s proprietary data and Market Intelligence Platform. Customers have unlimited access to the platform to upload the data they wish Green Cabbage to analyze. The Platform meets the highest standards of data privacy and security.


In just one click, customers can request a Market Intelligence Thesis (MIT) on an Indirect Technology or Contingent Workforce Agreement. The MIT, a qualitative and quantitative report, will be generated quickly (24-48 hours) by the platform. Any format and type of data can be securely ingested by OneWorkspace.


Green Cabbage experts will discuss and explain the content of the report with the customer and provide recommendations about how to use this information to obtain price decreases, better terms, or just a “better deal” overall with the supplier.


Guaranteed Spend Reduction Starts with OneWorkspace

Accelerate your procurement efforts with the most proactive spend analytics platform that will GUARANTEE savings for your organization

Green Cabbage Platform

Indirect Technology Spend Analytics: MITs, negotiation & data categorization for software, hardware, telecommunications & mobility, cyber security insurance, third party support, & physical security.

Copy of Green Cabbage 2023 Logo Kit.png

Contingent Workforce Spend Analytics: MITs, negotiation, data categorization, staffing relationship management for consulting, managed services, and contingent labor.

Request a Demo

To schedule a 30 minute demo to address your cost reduction goals, please fill in your contact details:

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