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Green Cabbage focuses on two categories: Indirect Technology and Contingent Workforce. Traditionally, Suppliers embed substantial margins in their contracts, and this is why Green Cabbage can find ways to save at least 15-30% on costs associated with those two categories – and sometimes much more.


We provide benchmarks not only for the main software, hardware, and services Suppliers (the “usual suspects” that usually represent 80% of the spend) but also for all sorts of “Tail Spend” Suppliers – the long list of specialized, vertically-focused or niche Suppliers whose costs add up. With over 1.625B+ data points at the micro-SKU level, we are highly confident that whichever might be your Supplier, we will find ways to save you money on them.

Green Cabbage Platform

Indirect Technology

Contingent Workforce

Green Cabbage Platform
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