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Choppin' It Up with Green Cabbage!

Webinars, forums & fireside chats featuring industry experts and powerful thought leadership

Upcoming Sessions:

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In our upcoming Choppin’ It Up session, CEO & Founder, Eric Cunningham, and Executive Director of Training and Education, Andrew Ozlowski will discuss the critical need for internal team alignment when engaging and negotiating with suppliers, while also introducing Green Cabbage’s Deal Leader Workshop series of training classes. Click here to register now!

Webinar: Choppin' It Up Re-introduction of Green Cabbage Education and Training

Our upcoming spring series will focus on the reintroduction of the Green Cabbage Education and Training practice, highlighting our Legal Services education options. 🎒 Join CEO, Eric Cunningham, Executive Director of Training and Education, Andrew Ozlowski, and Chief Legal Officer, Wesley Schnell, on Thursday, March 14th to discover how Green Cabbage is assisting Procurement and IT teams in improving their readiness to engage and negotiate with strategic suppliers.

Webinar: Choppin' It Up - Navigating Contingent Labor Workforce Spend

Be sure to tune in to hear an unplugged session discussing how to rebalance contingent labor workforce spending and how to navigate your way through onshore and offshore vendor markups!

Webinar: Third Party Support, Why Do It, Why Now?

As technology spend continues to increase year-over-year, so do the complexities that come along with OEMs. This session will illuminate all of the benefits of utilizing third-party support and the hard dollar savings that can be collected with it.

CIO Forum

Dian Gunderman will lead this forum to facilitate conversation around the importance of organizational alignment when pertaining to technology procurement. Our panel will highlight the top priorities and tips that are attributed to the success of their technology departments and the processes they put into place to promote innovation, all while meeting financial goals.

How PAAS Saves Gartner
Clients an Additional 15-30%
on Technology Spend

Watch a video of our latest webinar to learn why hundreds of organizations are making the move away from Gartner and choosing PAAS as their technology procurement partner to achieve optimal pricing and contract terms.

Webinar: Choppin' It Up Unplugged with Green Cabbage - Featuring KPMG

Tune in to the next Unplugged "Choppin It Up" session with Green Cabbage and KPMG US! Leo Dalle Molle, Billie 'Akau'ola and Eric V. Cunningham will be discussing the new partnership that is outpacing customers to accelerate outcomes. KPMG US and Green Cabbage are creating value generation through rebalancing spend utilizing rich market intelligence theses and licensing expertise.

Webinar: Choppin' It Up Supplier Strategy with Green Cabbage 

When it comes to procurement, a supplier strategy is essential for any organization looking to maximize the value and cut costs. By developing a robust supplier strategy, organizations can maximize the value of their procurement activities and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Info Session: ATP Executive Atlanta

Looking to learn more about ATP Executive Atlanta? Join CEO of PAAS, Eric Cunningham on Wednesday October 19th at 11:00 AM ET to discuss all things ATP!



Why Your Technology Procurement Team Needs a Player-Coach

While the technology category offers the biggest opportunity for rewards, it is also the hardest category to procure for three main reasons: limited resources, expertise, and relevant data. Watch this session to see how organizations benefit from a player-coach.


Top 10 Reasons Clients Do Not Receive Optimal Technology Contracts

In this discussion, you will learn the blueprint to create the best possible outcomes when negotiating with technology suppliers. In this session you will learn the “answers to the test” to secure optimal contracts and reduce the procurement lifecycle by 80%.

Past Sessions:

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