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Global Leader in Legal Market Intelligence Addressing

Indirect Technology and Contingent Workforce

What Is Elegion

Elegion is a new self-service application hosted on our secure, unified OneWorkspace platform. Its intuitive interface and user-friendly design ensure accessibility for clients at every stage of the negotiation process.


Best Non-Standard Terms Database

Elegion is packed with over 2,000 business, legal, and hybrid terms, and this continues to expand daily, ensuring our clients secure the best agreements for Indirect Technology, Contingent Workforce, and Telecom.


Expert Encrypted Legal Chat Support

Our interactive, encrypted chat connects you with our licensed attorneys boasting decades of experience at top mega-suppliers. Users can engage with Green Cabbage's attorneys in real-time, backed by a 24-hour response time.


One-on-One Consulting Hours

Elegion offers dedicated consulting hours with experienced attorneys, allowing clients to delve deeply into the intricacies of their agreements.

Request a Demo

To schedule a 30 minute demo to address your cost reduction goals, please fill in your contact details:

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