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Green Cabbage Announces Newest Executive Advisor: Bob Murphy

Green Cabbage's Newest Executive Advisor: Bob Murphy.

We are thrilled to announce Bob Murphy as the newest addition to Green Cabbage's team as an Executive Advisor. Bob is a well-known global figure in the procurement world. His journey began at the University of Strathclyde, where he obtained a master’s degree in manufacturing sciences and engineering which led to his 17-year tenure as Chief Procurement Officer at IBM.


As a former IBM CPO, he has over two decades of experience managing a global procurement and supplier management team. Bob has served on several boards including Procurement Leaders, the Cristo Rey Network for underprivileged minority high school students, the Institute of Supply Management, and SAP Ariba.


As an award-winning CPO and Supply Chain Officer, he deeply understands various areas like supply chain risk, supplier diversity, spend management, logistics, global supply chain, and manufacturing, engineering, and supply and demand functions. One of his many recognitions was being awarded “Procurement Top 100 “in 2022, which celebrates the best of the best from around the world who are elevating the procurement industry.


Bob stated, "I am delighted to join the Green Cabbage Executive Advisory board. Real-time Market Intelligence is so critical in today's dynamic, volatile marketplace, and Green Cabbage has an outstanding offering to help companies maximize the value they are receiving from their suppliers. The services offered by Green Cabbage and the overall value of the OneWorkspace platform in today's industry are clearly unmatched." Bob's strategic vision and dedication to innovation align seamlessly with Green Cabbage's mission, as we continue to optimize processes and enhance stakeholder experiences in the procurement landscape.


Eric Cunningham, CEO and Founder of Green Cabbage, indicates that “The Green Cabbage team is excited to work alongside and learn from Bob Murphy. His expertise and valuable insights will only create more value for our clients. With the recent release of our second self-service app within OneWorkspace, we have already begun to see significant customer adoption with Elegion. The validation from Bob Murphy, our executive board, and existing clients will help us shape the future of Green Cabbage as it continues to innovate in this space.”


We are delighted to welcome Bob Murphy as he joins our team. His wealth of expertise and invaluable insights will help drive Green Cabbage's commitment to growth and innovation.

Explore the exceptional talents of Bob and our entire dynamic team by clicking the link:

We want to extend a special thanks to Bennett Falck, Head of Product Development, and Wesley Schnell, Chief Legal Officer, for their invaluable contributions to the release of our self-service legal application, Elegion. Learn more about Elegion by clicking here.


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