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How to Eliminate Vendor Billing Chaos

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Manual processes hold companies back from scaling due to the amount of extra time it takes to get work done. It is necessary to create a standardized process that utilizes automation to streamline and shorten the invoice lifecycle. According to the Ardent Partners 2022 AP metrics survey, 78% of AP leaders believe a more fully automated process will boost productivity and enable accounts payable to strategically improve supplier relationships, source the best business partnerships, hunt for discounts, and avoid costly errors and fraud. With cybersecurity fraud on the rise, companies should first establish due diligence procedures for all new vendors to mitigate fraud. Examples of these procedures include:

  • Checking vendors’ addresses for legitimacy

  • Verifying vendor tax ID and phone number

Once the vendor controls are established, the process begins with receiving, sorting, and validating invoices as they come in. Initially, invoices go directly to the purchaser/user of the good/service. Best practice would be to minimize double handling as much as possible and route the invoices directly to the finance team. Once the invoice has been appropriately routed, a careful eye must validate description of services/goods provided, GSTIN of supplier, taxes to be paid, date payment must be made, and pricing information for accuracy. Next, the invoice must be entered into the accounting system. Any physical copies must be stored electronically. Elect paperless billing to minimize the risk of missing invoices. All pieces of billing-related data should be readily available to the people who need it, especially as it is moved into the approval stage. Typically, invoices sit in this stage the longest due to the sheer volume of approvals requested. Utilizing an automated platform streamlines this process starting with storing and routing. Invari, a centralized invoice management platform, stores recurring invoices and analyzes each at the line-item level. Invari drastically speeds up the approval process because the invoices are already audited for accuracy. Any invoices that are labeled as a risk are highlighted with its exception – ready to be reviewed and disputed if needed. An automated platform like Invari enables invoices to be assigned to anyone within the organization that has been established as a contact. As invoices pass approval and are sent to be processed for payment, the appropriate person should receive an instant notification to begin. Receiving assignments and notifications within the platform decreases the instance of the invoice being overlooked, and unpaid. The connection that automation establishes throughout the entire invoice lifecycle creates synergy within the organization, thus eliminating chaos that ensues during the vendor billing cycle. For more information on how Invari can help, visit to request a demo or contact us at

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