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The Danger of Negotiation Without Relevant Data

Imagine a scenario where a football player ran out onto the field but didn’t have their helmet. Playing like this would be irresponsible, and potentially have serious negative consequences. Such a situation unfortunately occurs every day in technology procurement when you are routinely tasked with negotiating and renegotiating technology contracts without the protection that relevant data on the supplier and those products provides, much like the safety a helmet provides the player.

PAAS Forensics, PAAS’ data co-op, contains millions of relevant and recent data points pertaining to suppliers, contracts, products, and spend. PAAS sources its data from real contracts and spend records, meaning the PAAS Forensics database is always accurate and relevant. This data, with the help of AI tools, gives PAAS negotiators the knowledge they need to deliver the best technology deals and benchmarks for clients.

“Prior to working for PAAS, I led the procurement team for a company that did not utilize PAAS’ services. Now I can’t imagine doing that job without the powerful data PAAS Forensics contains.”

- Dave Krigger, PAAS’ Chief Procurement Officer

Other companies use survey data to create their benchmark and negotiation strategies. This data is often faulty based on biased collection methods or incentives to fill out information for rewards with no promise of accuracy.

“If negotiating backed by PAAS’ data is like a football player going onto the field with the newest, best helmet, using survey data to do the same is like going onto the field with a helmet made in the 1930s.”

- Eric Cunningham, PAAS’ CEO

In addition to only using real, actual data, PAAS Forensics also dynamically archives data older than 24 months to make sure all data is still relevant. The everchanging technology procurement landscape dictates that information can become outdated quickly, so PAAS has responded accordingly.

Before getting back out on the negotiation playing field, make sure you have your helmet on by using PAAS data to protect you.

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