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Green Cabbage Announces One Workspace Coming March 1st.

Over the last two years, Green Cabbage has undergone a number of transformations. We have always strived to serve our clients with unmatched savings outcomes and a platform to facilitate these outcomes. Since our early days, we have added new categories for savings, like Clinical and Human Capital, and added new businesses in Invari and RUBIX. Individually, these applications bring immense value, but as a suite of applications, they form a comprehensive picture of spend and a plethora of opportunities for savings and efficiency. This is why we are so excited to release the Green Cabbage One Workspace. This latest release builds on Green Cabbage’s established pattern of innovation by enhancing the value of these three applications as a set.

The launch of the Green Cabbage One Workspace includes significant feature enhancements for all three applications and a new Green Cabbage application to customize each client’s platform instance. New settings that clients can control within this application include user activity authorizations, password expiration timelines, two-factor authentication, and category-based permissions to ensure each user has access to only what they should be able to access. Users can also customize their own notification settings to ensure each user gets the notifications they want to receive. These notifications, some new, include alerts for expiring contracts through both PAAS360 and RUBIX, benchmark complete emails again for PAAS360 and RUBIX, plus variance alerts, invoice upload reminders, and pending invoice messages for Invari.

Green Cabbage is always looking to optimize the spend analytics experience for each one of our application users. This is why in addition bringing the applications closer together, we have rolled in new features to each application like brand-new contract, spend, and forecast modules for PAAS360, contract module and a redesigned staffing relationships module for RUBIX, and charge-level cost center allocations and improved account, provider, and cost center analytics for Invari. We believe that all of these upgrades along with the application unification bringing single sign-on across all applications will continue Green Cabbage’s history of industry disruption and providing our clients with the most spend analytics and savings available.

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