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Oracle Fiscal Year End Preparation

Have you ever thought about the impact that a fiscal year end can have on your indirect technology contracts and negotiations? If not, NOW is the opportunity. With Oracle’s fiscal year-end approaching at the end of May, it is time to prepare your negotiation strategy for renewals and new purchases.

How can PAAS help you shorten the negotiation cycle and ensure you are receiving the best price possible? It’s simple, our team has been on both sides of the table and have extensive expertise on Oracle’ pricing, packaging, terms & conditions and the approval process behind achieving them.

PAAS team members have sold and or negotiated over $10 billion in Oracle agreements. There is NO TEAM with this level of knowledge and expertise in negotiations with Oracle. In addition to that PAAS forensics contains the data points to complement our negotiations. Our IP PAAS Forensics contains 400M+ relevant data points that reflect finalized ink to paper contracts we have seen in the market.

Our team has pre-built templates for both On-Prem and Cloud agreements. We are able to benchmark our customers Oracle spend against those ACTUALLY executed in the market. Using PAAS’ relevant benchmark data saves our customers on average 15-30%.

With all of that in mind, how do we strategize going into these situations, with Oracle specifically? Here are some tips to implement in the upcoming months:

From having experience and talent that has previously worked at Oracle, the earlier you start this process, the better the outcome and savings opportunity for your organization.

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