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The PAAS Difference: Accelerating the Procurement Lifecycle with PAAS Expertise

The modern-day procurement team is driven to accelerate and optimize the procurement lifecycle. PAAS continues to lead this initiative while providing guaranteed hard dollar savings for our clients. But it’s not just our data that has made PAAS an advantageous extension of today’s procurement teams. The collective experience our team holds, and organic shared network, brings unique value, far beyond what is offered by other procurement solution companies.

Research on our end determines Gartner® to be our biggest competitor. But feedback from our clients suggest Gartner® doesn’t help with pricing or negotiating. Instead, they provide broad, survey-based data which lacks specific, SKU-level details, paired with support from Analysts with little to no direct experience with the inner workings of the decision-making process at supplier organizations. Without which, you are missing a major contributing factor to a successful outcome in both achieving a better price, and optimal terms and conditions.

Alternatively, PAAS is comprised of thought leaders on both sides of the negotiation table.

With over 50 years combined experience at well-known suppliers such as Oracle, Salesforce, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Dell, etc., and 20+ years’ experience analyzing and negotiating technology contracts – our team understands what it takes to close deals and produce win-win outcomes for all involved parties.

Global VP of Sales, Justin Jones adds, “From a sales perspective, providing services to our clients that I know are supported by a world-class team is extremely rewarding. Our business model is driven by the success of our clients and that success is driven by the experienced team that works together to create sustainable outcomes for all of them.”

The level of expertise at PAAS is trusted by hundreds of clients across the globe. PAAS manages a wide variety of indirect technology contracts that includes billion dollar accounts with single suppliers.

PAAS clients recognize that we have a strategy that works. And we look forward to continuing to disrupt and ultimately, accelerate the procurement lifecycle for many, many deals to come.

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