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ATP Executive Atlanta Recap: Presented by Green Cabbage

We held our second Accelerating Technology Procurement (ATP) Executive Summit at the Omni Hotel at The Battery Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia on November 17th. This event's purpose is to provide top level executive speakers to talk about innovative ways to accelerate technology procurement.

At this event we had 25-minute speaking sessions with a lunch mid-day followed by a happy hour networking event right there at the hotel, creating a collaborative event where top-level executives met and discussed their ideas on indirect procurement and innovation in the industry.

During the Event

At the event attendees got to hear from several top-level executives who provided up to date insight on topics such as spend analytics, trends in spend, IT cost optimization strategies, reducing TCO, digital transformation, and AI deployment in the service industry. Some of the speakers were suppliers of indirect technology. They provided insight into new licensing structures, pricing and features. Having this information is crucial to being able to give your company a competitive edge against others in the market.

The speakers included...

  • JOHN BARCUS, GVP Industry Manufacturing at Oracle

  • ANGIE CLAEYS, VP of Uniform Services at Fine Tune

  • CHRIS DONTATO, President of Sales at Celonis

  • JOE FLYNN, Director & Engineer- Modern Workspace at Insight

  • BEN LAMBERT, Principal at Efficio

  • STEVE BRODERICK, Chief Transformation Officer at Alteryx

  • NATHAN CLARK, Director, Procurement & Advisory at KPMG

  • LEO DALLE MOLLE, Principal, Procurement & Advisory at KPMG

  • ANDI HUELS, Head of AI at Lenovo

  • MAXIM SANKEY, Senior Manager at Efficio

  • HARI CANDIDAI, SVP of Strategic Alliances at Origina

  • ERIC CUNNINGHAM, CEO at Green Cabbage

  • JIM FLEMMING, Supply Chain Manager at ISM

  • BRENT KERCHER, Director of Sales at Rimini Street

What’s Next? Our next event is going to be held in Orlando, Florida on March 2nd, 2023. ATP Executive Orlando will feature some of the most intelligent thought leaders and executives in procurement, finance, and indirect technology. This event will showcase what these leaders are implementing to initiate transformation for their organization & industry. Attendees will experience highly informational presentations, and networking opportunities with top-level executives and peers in the industry. We hope to see you there! Click here to register & learn more about the event:

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