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Introducing Receptio: Simplifying Purchasing, Increasing Diversity Spend, and Saving Time & Money

Green Cabbage prides itself on listening to our clients and delivering value in every feasible way. With the rapid growth of Green Cabbage, we have listened to many new clients looking to simplify purchasing, increase diverse spending, save time, and save money. Diverse spend refers to the amount of money companies spend on Minority-Owned business enterprises (MBE). To help promote diversity and inclusion, companies maintain annual programs where they identify and do business with a range of diverse companies.

To address all these needs, Green Cabbage has leveraged the combined annual spend of $650B from its clients to offer a Group Purchasing Arm (GPA) we call Receptio. Currently, there is no cost to any client to join and opt-in to the Receptio GPA. The benefit to clients is that all participating companies, regardless of size, will leverage the power of our combined spending under management to get the best pricing on a broad array of products and services in the Value-Added Reseller (VAR) marketplace.  These include but are not limited to telecommunications (wireline and wireless), hardware, software, and all related service and support offerings.

Saving money on individual purchases is great, but the simplification and time savings benefits from leveraging Receptio will save our customers even more. Currently, often understaffed procurement teams are working with multiple resellers trying to find the best price on new products they are purchasing. They must become knowledgeable about what the product does and how alternative products compare and are priced. From there, these teams spend multiple days working with various suppliers requesting quotes trying to find the best price. In the end, oftentimes the quote comparisons are not exact leading to frustration and resignation that the time spent was hardly worth it.

We call Receptio the “easy button” where our customers go to one place for nearly all their technology and service needs with the confidence, they are getting a great price that Green Cabbage will also evaluate on their behalf as needed. We are also simplifying the process by using single sign-on (SSO) for users of the Green Cabbage One Workspace platform to seamlessly go to their Receptio purchasing interface without logging out. The purchasing portal can be customized as needed for each client including common purchasing bundles (i.e., new hire technology package) to save even more time. Diversity spending can be requested as needed on a per-purchase basis or more broadly.

No more wasted time managing multiple reseller relationships, researching the market, looking at competitive options, getting multiple reseller bids, struggling to get exact comparisons, and logging in and out of multiple systems. Just use Receptio with the confidence of the best price possible in a fraction of the time and achieve your leadership’s diverse spend goals along the way! Our customers have asked to simplify purchasing, increase diversity spend, save time, and save money. Green Cabbage Receptio delivers in all four of these areas at no cost to them.

Lastly, Receptio is also available as a standalone offering even if a company is not a Green Cabbage subscription customer. We believe this will be a great option for mid-market companies that have much smaller procurement functions where limited resources can free up time for more strategic procurement activities.

You can find additional information on Receptio and request a meeting to explore opting into the program at

Written by: Executive Director at Green Cabbage, Chris O'Connor

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