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PAAS360 Gen X Launch

On Friday, April 22, 2022, PAAS will relaunch its PAAS360 application for its clients. In the most dramatic update yet, clients will have access to an unparalleled application centered around the core principles of simplicity, security, and scalability to manage and analyze technology spend. While the application features the same five modules, each one has received a significant upgrade in user-friendliness and functionality. Here’s a sneak preview of some of what’s to come: Contracts Contracts are now more searchable than ever. In one page, clients will be able to see high-level information about each of their contracts, filterable by any of the 8+ parameters, including total contract value, the start and end dates of the agreements, and whether a benchmark has been completed on that contract. From here, users will be able to drill into any contract and see the line items, categories of technology the contract fits, information surrounding the suppliers included in the deal, and supporting documents tied into that contract. Directly from the contract details page, clients can now request a benchmark on a particular agreement. This will reduce the back-and-forth between PAAS representatives and clients, making the benchmark turnaround time even quicker. Benchmarks The revitalized benchmark module features not only all benchmarks PAAS has completed, but now summary statistics, recommendations for which contracts to benchmark next, and a savings tracker to demonstrate the impact PAAS has had in technology contract negotiations. Benchmarks are now also available exclusively through the PAAS360 platform to continue to minimize the back-and-forth between PAAS and client representatives. These benchmarks are exportable as well for information sharing. Projects Transparency is one of the major themes around Gen X. PAAS has placed an emphasis on increasing visibility into active savings initiatives PAAS is undertaking. Through new project views like a project Kanban board and project analytics page, clients will be able to see and interact with every one of their savings initiatives and track the savings PAAS achieves on each project. Like benchmarks, all projects can now be requested directly through the PAAS360 platform, with no need to wait for a weekly meeting to kick off an initiative. Many more improvements are included in this new release, including a forgot password feature, better homepage reporting, and the ability to download the PAAS360 platform as a desktop or mobile application. Please reach out to if you would like to schedule a demo of the all-new PAAS360.

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