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Rebalance HCA Announces RUBIX- The Human Capital Benchmarking Platform

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Rebalance HCA, the Global Leader in Human Capital Spend Analytics, announces the launch of their SaaS platform, RUBIX. With RUBIX, Rebalance HCA is saving companies an average of 22-30% on contingent workforce spend. Tweet this Rebalance HCA announces the launch of their SaaS Human Capital Benchmarking Platform, Rubix, Rebalance HCA is saving companies an average of 22-30% on workforce spend by rebalancing their individual human capital expenditures to the current market conditions. These savings are accomplished through our robust SaaS benchmarking platform, RUBIX. "Contingency workforce spend has exceeded $4.4 trillion in 2022; our customers have been asking us to expand our portfolio, now we are able to address two of the largest expenditures on the balance sheet, indirect technology with PAAS and human capital with Rebalance HCA", says Eric Cunningham, Founder & CEO of Green Cabbage.

With human capital cost being one of the largest expenses on the balance sheet, Rebalance HCA set out to create a tool that fills a major gap in the current contingent workforce market. Traditional staffing agencies operate unchecked and continue to inflate margins, which in turn either intensifies the financial burden on the client or sacrifices the talent levels the client is able to afford. Because of this, Rebalance HCA created a platform that would compile actionable insights with fair market rates to help companies find the talent their organization needs without suffering financially. In addition to this, once optimal rates have been identified, Rebalance HCA experts will assist hands-on in the negotiation process with your desired staffing agencies. This reinforces a holistic approach to workforce spend reduction.

RUBIX is the strongest human capital benchmarking platform in the industry. RUBIX creates true cost analysis benchmarks based on 5 pivotal pricing metrics: geography, experience, arrangement, skillset, and agency mark-up rates. "We have already quantified significant outcomes for several of our clients, we now look forward to releasing RUBIX to our global network", states Bennett Falck, Head of Product Development at Green Cabbage.

Through the identification of these metrics, RUBIX is able to identify 22-30% savings on contingent workforce spend, all while maintaining the client's talent requirements. With RUBIX, the days of sacrificing headcount, net income, and talent levels are over. Rebalance HCA clients can realize savings outcomes in 5 days or less with the power of RUBIX.

RUBIX is comprised of 3 core modules:

Workforce: Analyze month-over-month spend by staffing agency, job title, department, and location with rate drill-down functionality. The workforce module allows you to store all of your workforce SOWs and view each associated employee.

Project Management: Request, manage and store all of your human capital benchmarks and negotiations in one centralized location. The Project Management module allows you to track the status of your savings projects in real-time.

Staffing Relationships: Gain visibility into rate flexibility, workforce distribution, and monthly spend for each of your staffing agencies. The Staffing Relationships module provides custom reporting & analytics on each of your utilized staffing agencies accompanied by robust trend analysis.

Rebalance HCA is proud to fill the gap in the contingent workforce market by rebalancing the power between your HR department and staffing agencies. With RUBIX true cost analysis benchmarks, companies are no longer forced to fall to the high margins of traditional staffing agencies. Now is the time for every organization to take control of one of the largest expenditures on the balance sheet with the help of Rebalance HCA.

To schedule a demo with RUBIX Click HERE.

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